The Pros And Cons Of Installing A Boiler In The Loft

We explore some of the regulations and requirements that you must follow if you’re to choose a loft boiler installation. We’ve also outlined some key pros and cons to note when considering a loft boiler installation.

With the colder months creeping in, many homeowners have boilers on their minds. This is undoubtedly the case for those considering a new boiler installation to keep their homes warm this winter. 

Most boilers are fitted within kitchens, bathrooms or utility cupboards as they provide easy access to water and gas sources. While traditionally, these locations have offered some of the best functionality options for installations, you should also consider a loft boiler installation as an option too.

In this article, we detail some of the regulations and requirements that you must follow if you’re to choose a loft boiler installation. We’ve also outlined some key pros and cons to note when considering a loft boiler installation.

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The Regulation And Requirements Of A Loft Boiler

Not all boilers are suitable for loft installations. For example, many traditional units rely on gravity to feed cold water into the boiler. This is impossible if the tank and boiler are on the same level, which is often the case with loft installations.

Combi boilers are a much better alternative for loft installations as they’re much more versatile than their traditional counterparts.

You must also consider how viable it is for your boiler to be connected to gas and water sources in your loft. There must also be isolation points for electricity, gas and water outside your loft space for easy access during emergencies. If this can only be achieved through a complex and expensive extension of your plumbing system, there may be better options than a loft installation.

This is also the case for the venting of combustion gases and condensate. If these can’t be carried out efficiently and safely with your new loft installation, then you shouldn’t go ahead with it.

As your boiler has to be easy to access for servicing, your loft installation will likely have to be accompanied with further alterations and additions. These can take the form of:

  • Permanent lighting fixtures
  • Solid flooring
  • Ladder access

All of these are required for a Gas Safe engineer to carry out your installation and future servicing safely. These also make it much easier for you to access and check on your boiler in the future.

A boiler can only be mounted on a wall that can sufficiently support its weight so not all lofts are suitable for boiler installations.

Installing A Boiler In The Loft The Pros

Having your boiler located in your loft has a number of advantages for you and your home, from design to peace of mind, we’ve highlighted some of the best benefits to installing a boiler in your loft.

Added space

By having a boiler installed in the loft you avoid losing space in rooms and areas that you use more frequently. Having space for an additional cupboard or counter space within your kitchen can make a huge difference to your day-to-day life. The same can be said for your bathroom with an addition of a mirror or a sink. 

By installing your boiler in your loft you gain an interior decorating opportunity. If you’ve got a kitchen or bathroom redesign planned, a loft boiler installation may be the final piece of the puzzle to getting your dream kitchen or bathroom.

Hidden pipes

One of the biggest downfalls of having boilers in traditional living spaces is the presence of visible pipework. Having eyesores running along the bottom or the top of your walls can really take away from an otherwise well-crafted living space.

By having your boiler installed in your loft you can avoid this completely. Having pipework hidden can help to top off a beautiful living space.

Less noise

Boilers and their connecting pipes can create a significant amount of noise, especially when they’re first turning on. Rattling, whistling and banging can become especially tedious when the source is coming from your kitchen.

Moving the source of these noises to your loft can help to make the rest of your home much more comfortable and peaceful. This is especially the case if your loft is well insulated as far less noise will reach the rest of your house.

Installing A Boiler In The Loft - The Cons

Relocating your current boiler or installing a new one is a big financial investment. That's why we’ve outlined some of the biggest concerns homeowners have when they’re deciding on a loft installation.

Access to the boiler

Being able to quickly check on your boiler every now and then is something that we often overlook as homeowners. However, if your boiler is in your loft this is not always going to be the case.

This access issue is further exacerbated during emergencies. Not being able to reach your boiler quickly during leaks can potentially cause more damage to your boiler and your home. This is why isolation points are vital for loft boiler installations.

Extreme loft temperatures 

Loft spaces are often at risk of extreme temperature changes across the seasons, especially if they’re poorly insulated. By exposing your boiler to frost and then subsequently extreme heat throughout the year you drastically reduce its lifespan and increase the likelihood of breakdowns.

Insulating the interior of your roof as well as the pipes running to your boiler is a great way to prevent frost and heat damage. Of course, this will come with additional costs.

Reduced water pressure

Installing a boiler in your loft means you’re isolating it from the rest of your home and therefore your water outlets. Having your boiler further away from your water outlets will likely lead to a drop in your water pressure. 

This can lead to poor boiler performance and long wait times for hot water.

Should You Install A Boiler In The Loft?

Loft boiler installations are ideal for saving you room in your kitchen or bathroom as well as helping you create a home with a consistent interior design. With the right combi boiler you can have peace of mind for a long time with a loft boiler installation.

However, loft boiler installations often require a lot of additional work to meet regulations and requirements. Because of this they’re not always the best option for homeowners with a tight budget.

If you’re still unsure of whether a loft boiler installation is right for you we can provide you with a boiler quote to help to fill in the details. For a boiler quote click here or call 0208 722 7072.

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