Fitted Tado Smart Thermostat




Control your central heating on the go with a Tado Smart Thermostat. This service includes:

  • Controls central heating via a smartphone app
  • Tado makes sure no energy is wasted, it knows how far you are away from home
  • The programmer gets to know your property and works out the most efficient way to heat your home

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Please note

Cost applies to the supply and installation of the device only. An extension pack costing £79 may be required in the following circumstances: a. Hot water control is needed b. No existing thermostat is in place c. Wireless thermostat is already in place. Any variation in requirements will be quoted for in advance of work being completed and a full refund offered if you no longer wish to proceed. If you do, we’ll invoice you for any remaining work to be paid for in addition to this fixed price service.  Please see our terms and conditions and refund policy.


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