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Eco Beta – Convert Your Toilet From Single Flush to Dual Flush

Combat drought and help to reduce your household water bill by only flushing the right amount when to need to.

A patented, award-winning dual-flush retrofit device for all siphonic flushing cisterns.

• Convert your existing toilet
• Easy to install 
• Save up to 50% of water use per flush
• Independently tested to save 31 litres / day per household
• Easy to use
• No maintenance
• Adjustable reduced flush levels
• Lifelong guarantee

Cisterns account for about 30% of total household water use and most standard pre-2001 cisterns in the UK are single flush models that use up to 13 litres of water per flush.
The Siphon converts standard single-flush siphon valves into a water saving dual-flush unit. The device works by interrupting the vacuum created when a toilet is flushed, thereby achieving a small flush.
Easy to install within a few minutes on nearly any existing cistern water tank, the volume of water in the small flush can also be adjusted to suit system requirements.
Specifically designed for and fitting onto the standard British siphon valve, the conversion retains your existing flushing lever.

It’s simple:
Small Flush- Push lever and let go
Big Flush Push- lever and hold for 2 seconds
• A standard UK household will save up to 30% of total water consumption.
• Schools, offices and public buildings can save as much as 40% of total water consumption

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The cost includes:

  • Suppy and fit of the Eco Beta to your existing siphonic flushing cistern
  • Reliable service from our team of experienced plumbing engineers

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