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CombiSmart is a simple thermostatic valve, suitable for most combination boilers, that accelerates the heating process by holding back the water (to a 3 litre per minute flow rate) until it heats to the right temperature (around 43º Celsius). When this optimum heat has been reached, it then releases the water at the normal rate again, saving you money on your utility bills.

CombiSmart is beneficial because it:
• Reduces the amount of energy and water used
• Saves up to £100* on your annual utility bills
• Helps cushion against rising fuel prices year on year

It’s worth remembering that CombiSmart is simply a valve fitted to your pipework. It will not affect the boiler as it is fitted externally to it. Similarly, regulating the hot water flow rate will not affect the performance or warranty of your boil. 

* Savings figures based on turning on a hot water appliance 24 times within a 24 hour period with the boiler at cold, 6 months (180 days) during a year. Test results as per a 30 cdi – Worcester Bosch boiler. Gas prices based on £0.0449 per kWh (Energy Saving Trust 2012) and an average £0.0025 per litre supplied and taken away (OFWAT February 2011/12). Please note water prices will vary by Water Company. KgCO2 figures from EST 0.183KgCO2/kWhand Water UK 0.79gCO2/litre. Tests conducted by independent consultancy Enertek International, July 2012.

More Information

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The cost includes:

  • Suppy and fit of the CombiSmart to your existing boiler
  • Reliable service from our team of experienced plumbing engineers

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