Energy tariffs keep rising so it’s no surprise many people are concerned about the size of their heating bills.

Radbot is a money-saving, smart radiator thermostat that can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, saving households as much as £180 a year.

Price includes the supply and delivery of the Radbot and instructions for self-fitting

Price is inclusive of VAT and P&P

Additional Product Details

Smart Technology

Radbot monitors light levels and household patterns of movement to determine when a room is occupied. This means it will only heat a room when it expects you’ll be there, whilst reducing the temperature in
empty rooms.

If your schedule changes, Radbot quickly learns this and updates the heating pattern to match your needs. You don’t have to worry about reprogramming complex heating schedules.

Product Benefits

  • Simply set the desired comfort setting and Radbot will handle the rest.

  • Radbot’s “boost” button gives 30 minutes of extra heating on demand, room by room.

  • A change in routine? No problem. Radbot will understand you’re in the room and heats it accordingly.

  • Radbot is supplied with 2 x AA batteries, which should be replaced around every 2 years

  • It suits all decors and is discrete.