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Whatever your plumbing requirement, call in the local experts. We guarantee our workmanship. So our work always is of the highest quality. We offer affordable routine plumbing maintenance, and 24/7/365 emergency plumber call-out service. Our hourly charge is £96 (£80 + VAT), Monday to Saturday, 8am – midnight. Additional supplements may apply for Sundays and early hours call-outs. So whether you’ve a leaking toilet, a blocked mains drain, or problems with stop-cocks or ball-valves, call the local experts in.

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Whether you have a plumbing emergency or just need some planned maintenance, contact your reliable and affordable local experts. We can help with a range of other plumbing jobs such as

  • Pipe repairs and maintenance
  • Installing toilets
  • Repair or replacement of ball-valves and gate valves
  • Fixing blocked or leaking sinks, baths, basins and shower wastes
  • Repairs to toilets/WC’s
  • Replacement water tanks
  • Tap replacements and repairs
  • Tap re-washering
  • Repair and refresh showers and towel rails
  • Stopcocks repair and installation
  • Plumbing inspections
  • Kitchen appliance switchover
  • Sink waste disposal

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