Keep your home in tip top condition with our top tips for winter | SES Home Services

Keep your home in tip top condition with our top tips for winter

Keep your home in tip top condition with our top tips for winter

Even though you can’t stop the cold weather coming, there are numerous tips you can follow when preparing your home for those chilly winter months. Here are our six top tips for winter proofing your home.


1. Complete your summer service

Your boiler is working at its full capacity during the winter months, it’s therefore important to ensure your boiler is in full working order to see you through the winter season. Ensure your boiler receives its annual service during the summer. This way, you can rest easy that your boiler is ready to get to work when you need it most.


2. Switch on your boiler

We recommend switching on your boiler at least once a month, giving you the opportunity to identify any boiler malfunctions. If there is a fault with your boiler, please contact our reliable team of experts on 020 8722 7000. 


3. Locate your stopcock

Pipes can often freeze when the cold weather hits and frozen pipes can burst due to built up pressure. If this event occurs, you’ll need to shut off your mains using your stopcock, therefore ensure you know where your stopcock is located. Once you’ve shut off your mains, melt the blockage in your frozen pipes using a hot water bottle.


4. Bleed your radiators

Remember to periodically use your radiators, this allows the thermostatic radiator valve to be opened, assuring your radiators are ready to heat up your home this winter. If the radiators are cold at the top it is possible that there is air trapped in the heating system. Bleed radiators allowing any air to escape. Remember to check your system pressure afterwards if necessary.


5. Clear your guttering

During the winter months water getting into your walls can cause damp and damage. Make sure your guttering is clear of sticks and leaves allowing water to be carried away from your home, preventing damp.


6. Look for an energy efficient system

Did you know that the energy used by your boiler accounts for over half of your annual energy bill? The older a boiler gets, the less efficient it becomes and it grows harder to source replacement parts in the event of a breakdown.

If your boiler is getting older or less reliable, consider replacing it with an A-rated high efficiency condensing boiler. For more information call our heating team on 020 8722 7000


If you find yourself without any heating or hot water this winter, our heating tips video will take you through some simple steps you can carry out to try and fix your heating issue, before calling out an engineer.