Complaints Policy

SES Home Services Complaint Handling Policy


SES Home Services are dedicated to provided excellence in customer service to all customers we work with, when things go wrong the way we manage complaints, is always focussed on a speedy resolution which resolves, and appropriately recompenses any affected customer. Also, as a general Insurance Firm, SES Home Services are subject to Chapter 1 of Dispute Resolution: Complaints Sourcebook (DISP).
Our objective is to have an effective internal complaint handling procedure which allows for all consumer complaints to be handled fairly, effectively and promptly and thus reducing or eliminating escalated complaints or complaints that would be referred to the Financial Ombudsmen Service (FOS).
In the interest of treating the customer fairly, SES Home Services publishes their internal complaints handling procedure in their 365 Assured policy documents and on their website, which includes how they are handle and resolve complaints, as well as the customers right to refer their complaint to FOS should they have a complaint relating to an insurance product where they remain dissatisfied once a final decision has been made.

Complaints made about (non-insurance related) breakdowns, repairs or installations (if applicable) 

SES Home Services will acknowledge any complaint in writing, providing the customer with a complaint reference number which they can use when making any enquiries about their complaint.
Should SES Home Services be unable to resolve a complaint within three working days, we will send a written acknowledgment to the customer including the name and job title of the member of staff dealing with the complaint as well as details of the company’s internal complaint handling procedure.
SES Home Services will keep the customer informed of the process until the final response is sent at eight weeks from the date the complaint was first acknowledged.
By the end of an 8-week period SES Home Services will send a ‘final response’ to the customer which will either; accept the complaint and offer, where appropriate redress or remedial action, offer redress or remedial action without accepting the complaint or reject the complaint and give reasons for this decision.

Complaints made specifically about insurance related services (if applicable) 

If a complaint is resolved less formally within three working days SES Home Services will not be required to send a ‘final response’ letter. However, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does require all firms to provide a written communication to the customer outlining their right to refer their complaint to FOS if they are unsatisfied.
SES Home Services will also make the customer aware that should they remain dissatisfied with the outcome after an 8-week period, they may refer their complaint to FOS within six months. We will include a copy of FOS’s explanatory leaflet and their website address: .


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